Which TDH said is usually preliminary.

These are the first recorded situations of rabies tranmission through solid organ transplants.. 100 people in Texas will have to receive post-exposure rabies avoidance treatment The Texas Division of Wellness has reported that up to now 100 people in Texas will need to receive post-exposure rabies prevention treatment as a precaution after possibly exposure to rabies regarding the the transplant of organs from a donor who was later on confirmed to have been infected with the rabies virus. The number, which TDH said is usually preliminary, includes 61 healthcare employees at four Texas hospitals and 29 family and other close contacts of two transplant recipients from Texas.Monocytogenes meningitis had been reported in children, which includes 10 in kids under 2 months of age. Adult Cases We identified 1083 cases of bacterial meningitis in adults; S. Pneumoniae was the most frequent pathogen . The entire adult case fatality rate was 16.4 percent, and the rate increased linearly with increasing age . Isolates were designed for serotyping in 680 of the 765 adult cases due to S. Pneumoniae. PCV7 and PCV13 serotypes accounted for 16.0 percent and 41.6 percent of the meningitis cases, respectively, and meningitis from PCV7 serotypes of S. Pneumoniae had an increased case fatality price than those caused by non-PCV7 serotypes .