WFP launched an extraordinary appeal to donors for an additional U.

Last month, WFP launched an extraordinary appeal to donors for an additional U.S. $ 500 million a dramatic increase in a dramatic increase in global food and fuel prices, which increased an estimated 55 % since last June. Haiti is the latest country to experience unrest in connection with rising food and fuel prices . U.S.i – one of three countries in the world with the highest daily caloric intake per person – is especially vulnerable to rising food prices.

This new study aims to repeat and extend the results of the Phase IIa study. The primary endpoint is the incidence of new or progressive BOS. Secondary endpoints include assessments for safety and additional measurements of efficacy, including: anti-viral activity, recovery of lung function, as the proportion of patients with forced expiratory volume in the first second monitor , and improvement in RSV symptoms as measured by mean cumulative daily total symptom score. The Phase IIb study is expected to be up to 76 patients.

The Phase IIa study was conducted at 11 sites in four countries, where 24 lung transplant patients with confirmed RSV infection were randomized to inhaled ALN – RSV01 or placebo for three consecutive for three consecutive days.Notesauxiliary are to age at present a campaign a change the law prohibiting the age discrimination for the provision of goods, facilities and to safeguard services. Please visit for information on ‘ Just Equal Treatment. ‘.

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