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P Results: General clinical top features of ICH patientsBaseline demographic variables and the medical characteristics of the analysis sample are shown in Table 1. We discovered that ICH individuals have several unique clinical characteristics with respect to factors such as age, aetiology, Glasgow rating, gestational age group, and obstetric result that varied regarding to disease stage.Table 1: Clinical characteristics and pregnancy outcomes of pregnancy-associated intracranial haemorrhage patients in this sample Full size tableAgeWe found that patients with pregnancy-linked ICH were relatively young. Of the 39 patients, 30 were less than 25 years old, including three sufferers who were 19 years old.Normally, almost every one of us exists with the ability to reproduce but occasionally, because of various reasons, we fail to create a fresh life form. More technical an organism is, more technical will be the breeding process and more complex would be the problems connected with it. We, humans – a lot more than other animals – often face these problems due to the complexity of the body. Problems linked to reproduction have a long list of causes and reasons. Some of them could be treated, a few of them are incurable. Over few decades, our knowledge about the body has elevated tremendously and each day the medical science is growing exponentially.