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NY: Gov. Eliot Spitzer on Wednesday said he would introduce legislation targeted at updating the condition law to protect the proper to an abortion, the New York Times reports. Current state law, which was enacted in 1970, treats an abortion as a homicide but also includes exceptions that permit the procedure in many situations. The state also doesn’t have a provision allowing abortions to protect a woman’s health in the late phases of a pregnancy. According to the Times , Spitzer’s proposal would decriminalize the procedure and make it a ‘matter of professional and medical discretion’ .First, although our primary result was defined relating to published suggestions,18 it had been a surrogate final result that was predicated on measurement of blood circulation. Ongoing evidence of catheter malfunction following the primary result provides support for the validity of the definition. Second, we discontinued enrollment early, due to difficulties with patient recruitment. Nevertheless, even the smaller sample had adequate capacity to detect a big change in both secondary and primary outcomes. Third, because of protocol-mandated selection criteria, we weren’t in a position to perform analyses in important subgroups potentially, such as individuals in whom the anticipated duration useful of a central venous catheter was less than 6 weeks.