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Except for RealTime CT/NG and HIV-1, no other tests are available on the m2000 in the United States currently. Additional information is available on Abbott Molecular’s site at About Abbott Molecular Abbott Molecular can be an emerging innovator in molecular diagnostics – the evaluation of DNA, RNA, and proteins at the molecular level. Abbott Molecular’s instruments and reagents detect pathogens and subtle but key changes in individuals’ genes and chromosomes, which permits earlier diagnoses, the selection of suitable therapies and improved monitoring of disease progression.Another unexpected finding was how much the phrasing of the general public option question obviously mattered. When the general public choice was framed as a federal government administered option that would ‘compete’ with private health insurance, only 48 % of Us citizens supported it. When framed instead as a ‘choice’ between government-provided medical health insurance or private medical health insurance, the %age of Americas who backed it increased to nearly 75 %. ‘Certainly how you pitch the public option issues, but its support general makes it ironic that this aspect of health care reform – one which is apparently well-known – was left out in the end,’ stated Dr.