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Determination of the Architectures of Macromolecular Assemblies by integrating spatial limitations of proteomic data rx pharmacy . Frank Alber, University of California Sounther. Alber an integrated approach an integrated approach the the architectures of macromolecular assemblies from different biophysical and proteomic data. He application of this approach , he and his colleagues determined the configuration of the 456 proteins in the nuclear pore complex and gained insight into the assembly and evolution of architectural principles. NPC controls access of macromolecules into and out of the cell nucleus. The approach , in principle,, in principle, the architectures of the the architectures of the many other macromolecular complexes.

The Kinesin13 – microtubule complex. Hernando Sosa, Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Sosa has recently interacted a 3D card by cryo-electron microscopy and helical reconstruction of the kinesin-13 motor domain obtained with microtubules. The structure is very different from other kinesin-microtubule complexes. It shows the kinesin13 motor domain interacting with a curved protofilament and discloses a novel microtubule binding site on the Notor domain. This is the first 3D cryo – em map reveals the interaction of the kinesin-13 motor domain with a curved protofilament and provides a snapshot of the depolymerization cycle.

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