Type 2 diabetes is a two to four fold increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

6, however, may consider intensive lipid-lowering therapy was calculated beneficial for people with diabetes and the UKPDS risk engine model, approximately 70 % of the total calculated risk reduction of cardiovascular events in a multi – factorial interventional study in type 2 diabetic patients with microalbuminuria. 8 carry.. Type – 2 diabetes is a two to four – fold increased risk of cardiovascular disease , 3 and an associated study showed disease, of up to 80 % of the adult type 2 diabetes patients from CVD.4 The risk of CVD in patients with diabetes is so great that the NCEP ATP III guidelines* Diabetes patients with no history of cardiovascular disease with the same risk for patients with established CHD.

VYTORIN was to influence significantly more effective coronary heart disease risk factors as Lipitor in type 2 diabetes patients with hypercholesterolemia according to the results of the two analyzes at the European Atherosclerosis Society meeting in Helsinki, Finland.1 VYTORIN also produced significantly greater reductions in a variety of lipoprotein and apolipoprotein ratios. 2.

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