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There is a lot of discussion of cancer deaths in the media and high profile cancers such as Tony Snow and Elizabeth Edwards, said Stein, This type of coverage increases the public. Perception of cancer risk .

This study offers us a message that we still need to do a better job of educating patients and physicians While we know many of the causes of diseases such as. That we know very little about the causes of cancer, said Dr. Douglas Faller, director of the cancer Center at Boston University School of Medicine. I think men can be more resistant to changes in behavior, said former president of the ACS, Dr. Robert Young, cancer is the most feared disease, and therefore has a lot of myths – myths especially that link the uncontrollable aspects of your life risks.This led to a 50 % of decreased mortality. – And in animals ‘ hind leg ischemic where large abdomen were blood vessels so badly damaged that amputations will have be vessel reconstruction vascular reconstruction been so effective that nearby normal levels of blood flow to has been restored. Stated Dr. Senior author of study and vice president for research and Scientific Development at ACT, said Dr. Robert Lanza, that was able be able vascular damage fix in this way a a profound impact to a variety of illnesses, the great human are have, . Notice results indicate the possibility to use of the countryside the early cellular of development component vascularization of and functions in patients with vascular recover The injection of this cells being able to die from one patient to a leg amputee and preventing a heart attack.

A coalition, called the Healthcare for All Campaign , supports creating a health care system authority shall which would work with professionals councils developing until the year 2009, a comprehensive plan of accessible and affordable health care all resident of the state.. An important feature of the method is that researchers discovered a way to develop and differentiation into various human Haemangioblasts cell lines without using an serum cultural derived on animal blood. Animal blood prepared -based culture still to introduce unwanted viruses.

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