These provisions make spending cuts a top priority of Medicare Commission ed drugs.

The Independent Medicare Advisory Council proposal in the house as containing many of the same failed approaches to claim Reform Commission offered plans in the past show, including; fast track legislation that prohibits amendments and requires caps one legal up or down vote expenditure and sequestration of funding. These provisions make spending cuts a top priority of Medicare Commission ed drugs . That leaves little room for concerns about access to services or affordability and could ultimately. To a serious erosion of the benefits to which lead to millions of seniors and disabled ‘Send contradicts major changes to such an important program on the fast track through Congress with little administrative Administration demands for transparency and involvement of the American public in policy decisions Enacting procedures to push through changes that meaning millions of Americans. Americans Americans ultimately disenfranchises the public and undermines the political process. ‘Barbara B. Kennelly, President / CEO.

Medicare Advisory Council proposal more like a permanent Entitlement Commission sees as MedPac on Steroids In a letter today to the Congress and the president, the former Congresswoman Barbara Kennelly, president and CEO of the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare urges members every effort oppose oppose transferred Congress ‘ authority Medicare up to a certain commission charged primarily with cost management.

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