Ryohei Katayama.

By identifying the ways that cancers evolve to evade kinase inhibitors, researchers have been able to develop new therapeutic ways of overcome resistance in several cancers.7,8 The multitargeted tyrosine kinase inhibitor crizotinib is highly active in patients with lung cancer who harbor rearrangements in ALK 9,10 or ROS1.11-13 Prompt identification of secondary ALK mutations that confer resistance to crizotinib14-16 has resulted in the clinical investigation of novel compounds that can overcome crizotinib resistance.17,18 Similarly, elucidating the molecular mechanisms of resistance in ROS1-rearranged cancers will be necessary to the rapid development of stronger treatments for these sufferers.Aldrich to go over a number of topics including: How come embryonic stem cell study such a controversial practice? What is parthenogenesis, and why might this technique be chosen to embryonic stem cell study? How does parthenogenesis solve ethical and immune rejection problems surrounding stem cell study? What are ‘human being leukocyte antigens’ and just how do they relate to immune rejection issues? What are potential medical and scientific applications for stem cell study? Professional Biography – Kenneth C.