Predicated on research and the near future outcomes of the strategic work, the new policy also calls for determining the features of a perfect software system that needs to be utilized at medical schools and teaching hospitals that offer teaching EHRs.. PRESS RELEASE CHICAGO – Building on the AMA'scurrent effortsto transform medical education and ensure medical college students are trained and ready to practice in the evolving healthcare environment, the American Medical Association adopted policy today to ensure medical students receive required hands-on scientific experience using digital health records . There exists a clear need for medical learners today to get access to and understand how to properly make use of electronic health records prior to they enter practice, said AMA Board Member Jesse M.Photos: 21 most shocking medical scans Dr. Gustavo Hernandez says the kid from the northern condition of Durango was born with a lump that eventually covered the right part of his body from his armpit to his hip. Hernandez says it took doctors at the La Raza INFIRMARY in Mexico Town 10 hours to eliminate the tumor on June 14. Hernandez is the director of pediatrics at La Raza hospital. He says the boy is recovering and successful. The doctor also said Tuesday that the procedure was the first time Mexican doctors have removed a tumor bigger compared to the person carrying it.. 3Dicon presents its business developments and technique 3DIcon Corporation , the programmer of groundbreaking three-dimension projection and display technologies, today provided a position report and announced several significant steps it really is pursuing as a part of its business plan.