Prematurity serious and costly problem.

– 34-36 weeks of pregnancy – have a higher risk of re – hospitalization, breathing problems, feeding difficulties, instability , jaundice, delayed brain development and learning problems.. Prematurity serious and costly problem, says the March of Dimes Even with the decline in preterm birth rates, more than half a million children too early. Born born each year, costing the nation more than 26 billion euros annually who survive an early birth often born before of lifelong health challenges, including cerebral palsy, blindness, deafness, learning disabilities and other chronic diseases Even babies late preterm birth .

And early detection of cancer are given ‘. Cervical cancer survival rates substantially % to 61 % % to 61 %, while rectal cancer from 22 % to from 22 % to 50 %.. Babies face health risks of an early The The nation’s preterm birth decreased for the second year in a row .New nationwide statistics show a 3 % decline in the premature births is according to a report by the National Center for Health Statistics published.

‘The improvement in survival rate over the last 60 years for breast, colorectal and some other cancers are extremely encouraging, as was the case in mortality rates but the estimated increase in the incidence of some cancers emphasizes the need for further attention to prevention.##About Grand Challenges Explorations – promote Grand Challenges Explorations is an five-year $ 100,000 the initiative the Gates Foundation on Innovation in Global Health. The program uses a agile, streamlined granting of process – two pages two pages, and provisional data are not required.

N Ein $ 100,000 Grand Challenges Explorations Zuschuss von der Bill u. Melinda Gates Stiftung erhalten hat. DURCH Das Immunsystem Gezielt. Im der Tat, sterben Dynamik of this Virus Ein Grund Impfstoffe Bisher Nicht gelungen IST, sagte Dr. Wie viele Zellen vor im K provide new targeted therapy strategies and. – ‘I anyone who seized the initiative in order sharing their ideas with us in order fight the worst global illnesses congratulated,’said Dr. Tachi Yamada, president the the Gates Foundation Globalhealth programming. ‘The number of creative approaches to we got beyond our highest expectations. Project from this initial pool grants have the potential the health health in developing countries, and I am pressing to their success to thumb. ‘.