Patricia Massicotte.

Competing-outcome analyses are shown in Shape 2Figure 2Competing-Outcomes Analysis of the ECMO Groups. And Number 3Figure 3Competing-Outcomes Analysis of the Ventricular-Help Cohorts. In the ECMO group for cohort 1, at 21 days, 25 percent of the individuals had died, and non-e were alive and still receiving support with ECMO . In the ECMO group for cohort 2, at 30 days, 33 percent of the sufferers had died, and none were alive but still receiving support with ECMO . On the other hand, in cohort 1, at 174 days, 88 percent of the individuals had undergone effective transplantation and 12 percent acquired died or had an unacceptable neurologic end result after weaning from these devices .Revenue elevated 1.3 percent in the first quarter; however our profitability declined in comparison to last year. I remain optimistic that people are creating the necessary changes in our business to succeed both in today’s challenging market and also in the long-term. .

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