Parents Should Be Involved with Teens Bulimia Treatment: Study: FRIDAY.

At 12 months, the researchers concluded that family-based therapy was far better than cognitive behavioral therapy. At this true point, 49 % of those in family-based therapy stopped the cycle of behavior, compared to 32 % for all those undergoing individual therapy. These findings are very clear. FBT is the treatment of choice for adolescents with bulimia nervosa, since it works quicker and faster and maintains its effect over time.They utilized the powerful X-ray resource at the Argonne National Laboratory’s Advanced Photon Supply, which enabled the team to determine the structure of the protein complex at the atomic scale-at a resolution of 2.8 angstroms , which is smaller than the range between individual rungs on the DNA ladder. Since the Marmorstein laboratory began its focus on HATs over a decade ago, several large-scale research show that acetylation occurs to over 2000 proteins, not just histones. According to Marmorstein, it appears there is an entire internet of communication heading on within cells directly attributable to protein acetylation, another level of complexity within an already-complex field.