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‘Much discussion of the ‘obesity epidemic ‘in the U.S. Personal personal willpower, but our study shows that the environment plays an important role and people can even be content if served less than they usually eat. – sold extend their approach to single-serve food in supermarkets, Rozin and colleagues found 14 of 17 items tested were greater U.S. Shops. For example, soft drink in Philadelphia sold 41 % greater than the same product in Paris, was a soft drink was 52 % larger, a hot dog was 63 % larger and a carton of yogurt was 82 % larger.. Examinee researchers also references to portion size in Philadelphia and Paris editions of the 2000 Zagat restaurant guide.

25 % more than in Paris.. Of the Atlantic. May explain the French paradox of rich food and a lean populationContact: Steve Bradt 215-573-6604 University of PennsylvaniaPHILADELPHIA – The French Paradox – the startling disconnect between France rich cuisine and slender population – may be partly the portions that are significantly smaller explains in French restaurants and supermarkets than their American counterparts. Thus, researchers say at the University of Pennsylvania and CNRS in Paris, which compared the size of meals in the restaurant, single-serve foods and cookbook portions on both sides of the Atlantic. The French paradox is only a paradox if one assumes that dietary fat is the main cause of obesity and cardiovascular disease, Paul Rozin, a psychology professor at Penn and lead author of the paper the September issue the September issue of the magazine Psychological Science.Is then used will be this. A different approach to than the more commonly in-depth analyzes out of a couple sampling That GA – map microarrays enables a very large number exceeding 200 samples per day to be processed. This allows for subroutine and population based analysis impossible using alternative technologies.. The newly developed proprietary GA – map are based on highly specific rates of a unique sensors with their target groups of bacteria information is based.

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Genetic Analysis AS, molecular diagnostic company with launched its GA – on map microarray test for at high throughput screening of of infant intestinal. At the most recent Sackler Colloquium on Microbes and healthcare in the U.S., the company presented information from the evaluation screens their potential its potential as a tool for the research connected to of the the mechanisms of pathogenesis in of Service having the gut flora.