Mozaffarian told the media that.

Mozaffarian told the media that:. Although cause and effect, not this kind of long-term observational studies all these studies adjusted for other risk factors, animal tests show the different eating more eating more versus less meats. .

###For more information, please contact:Institut d’ Investigacions Biom diques August Pi i Sunyer Marc de Semir, Head of Communication lex ARGEM, Sientific editorMOSAR website :Contact: lex ARGEM?Processed Red Meat Linked to greater risk of heart disease, diabetesexamined in this case Micha and his colleagues three types of studies, the consumption of processed and unprocessed red meat and the incidence of coronary heart disease, stroke, and evaluated Type – 2 diabetes – usually healthy adults. The three types of studies they are looking for: prospective cohort study , case-control study , or randomized trial . Almost 11,000 did not find the effect of vegetable or seafood protein sources.Which of HIV marketIn 2008, of the United Nations estimated 33.4 million people worldwide HIV, from those 2.14 million are access to the highly potent treatment. The latter are pass to antiretroviral therapeutic at a price between $ 12,000 to $ 15,000 per year each patient. Datamonitor estimates the value of the antiretroviral sales in the seven largest markets at U.S. $ 11.7 billion. The antiretroviral treatment have be given at precise intervals throughout the day and often cause adverse reactions..

Vacc – C 5 works by stopping the hyper – activation of the immune system, whereby a twofold effect, i) reduction or stop the progression of disease, and ii) a significant reduction of the output of the virus. These properties, combined with the characteristics of the most advanced vaccines candidate, Vacc – 4x, forming a strong preventive HIV vaccine.

Vacc – C 5 is the second vaccines to Bionor pipe. VACC 4 x, acting by some other mechanism , has submitted a multi-center placebo-controlled phase IIb trial of 134 HIV infected patients which have stopped daily daily TYPE. The outcome of the study are expected in October 2013.. Clinical Trial the program StrategyAs part of prepare for a Phase I / II study in the Q2, 2011 initiated, the Company shall conduct routines toxicity assays, order provide the security of Vacc – C5 components of.