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Source:. Jennifer Stawarz American College of Chest Physiciansin New evidence-based guidelines by the American College of Chest Physicians Tell from the use of low Can computed tomography to the general screening of lung cancer Release to complement the September edition the chest that. Peer-reviewed journal the degree ACCP cite to guidance there is little to evidence in order to show lung cancer screening impact mortality in patients who, including those be regarded high risk for the disease. Evidence Based also recommend oppose the use of vitamin or mineral preparations are for the prevention of lung cancer, for that do lower the risk reduce the risk of lung cancer, when beta-carotene being lung cancer risk risk of lung cancer in combination. ‘Even in the high-risk groups, showing do not available today research lung cancer screening lung cancer screening varied mortality rates outcomes,’W. Michael Alberts, President of the ACCP is lung cancer guidelines and Chief Medical Officer, Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute in Tampa Tampa, ‘we hope that we may be someday Search for useful and accurate mold for general lung cancer screening, but at this time, the proofs not support to use LDCT screening of. ‘.

Chest, a peer-reviewed journal be ACCP is ACCP It is available online of each month ACCP is provides 16,600 Member, all in clinical respiration, sleep medicine, critical care and cardiothoracic patient treatment in the United States and in the. The world have ACCP is mission is to further the prevention and treatment of diseases of chest through leadership, education, research and communicate For further information on the degree ACCP, please visit degree ACCP Web site at.