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Even though the pharmaceutical sector uses preclinical data and predictive algorithms to weed out medications that are likely to fail due to toxicity, many slip through the cracks still. Now, a group of researchers from Weill Cornell Medical College in NEW YORK has devised a new drug screen that capitalizes on the tendency of toxic compounds to alter the properties of the lipid bilayer that encases cells. They shall present their screening technique at the 59th annual conference of the Biophysical Culture, held Feb.Exercise stress screening cannot safely end up being performed in the weak and elderly generally.D., senior investigator to the team whose results will be offered Nov. 5 at the American Center Association’s annual Scientific Periods in Orlando, Fla. Blocked arteries are the most frequent trigger of heart attack, says Lima, an associate professor of medicine and radiology at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and its own Heart Institute. The latest estimates from the AHA display that one in five deaths in the United States each year is due to coronary heart disease , including 157,000 who die from heart attack.