Heart Doctors May Have Hard Period Spotting Valve Problems: TUESDAY.

Some murmurs don’t indicate a problem, but others can signal heart valve problems, the NHLBI says. The study included nearly 1,100 cardiologists who had their skills assessed at American College of Cardiology meetings from 2011 to 2014. These were asked to diagnose heart valve problems after listening to recordings of heart murmurs. The doctors didn’t identify half of fundamental problems and one-third of advanced problems, the study found. The cardiologists then did extra training for both simple and advanced heart valve problems .The catheters were then removed. Following the treatments, the patients went home with their own families and had been tracked with behavioral tasks and brain imaging studies. The investigators found that the gene therapy was safe and has led to a decrease in NAA in the brain, as well as decreased seizure regularity and medical stabilization, the greatest observed in youngest patients, those treated before 2 years of age. Included in these are improvements in attention, sleep, and greater degree of movement improvements when prone and rolling.