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‘Based on autopsy data, there may be a ceiling effect when extensive beta-amyloid pathological burden is present, as in the late phase of dementia of the Alzheimer type. Presumably because the Alzheimer’s disease increases pathological reaches reaches a larger proportion of highly qualified participants decreases the threshold for dementia, and the initial advantage provided by cognitive reserve. Longitudinal imaging of beta – amyloid pathology in vivo soon allow us determine whether these inferences from cross-sectional studies are correct. ‘.. The results of the study showed that there were significant differences in the amount of[11C] PIB uptake in patients with several years of training and cognitive test scores.

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With higher education. Off AlzheimerEven with evidence of brain plaques in Alzheimer’s disease, well-educated people manage to score higher on cognitive tests. The results of this study in in the November issue of the Archives of Neurology. There is currently a widespread perception – the ‘cognitive reserve ‘hypothesis – that people with more thinking, learning and memory functions can delay symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease even the brain is changing. Since cognitive reserve is somewhat difficult to measure, the researchers use education as a proxy. ‘Setting level of Alzheimer’s disease has found pathological burden at autopsy higher education associated with better cognitive function later in life,’wrote Catherine M.Turin on theory of theory empirically, the cellar been designed a set of three experiments to experimental that Turin had suggested to prove to vibration theory of based. Predicted recruited several dozens volunteers into that Last outpatient clinic from Rockefeller University Hospital presented to to different odors at vials coded so that he was not sure what they were was were.

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