Five healthy students comprised between 18 and 21 years what is sildenafil tablets.

The study, five healthy students comprised between 18 and 21 years, members of the Stanford women’s tennis team had. Athletes will get their normal sleep / wake pattern for a two to three week baseline during their regular tennis seasons. Athletic performance assessments every practice every practice throughout the study, including sprinting and hitting drills what is sildenafil tablets . Athletes then extended their sleep, aiming for 10 hours each night for a period of five to six weeks. Competitions.time sleepiness were monitored and daily sleep / wake activities were monitored by actigraphy and sleep journals. The specifically specifically during the regular tennis season provide data during weekly practices and during tournaments and competitions.

The results of the study showed that sleep extension in athletes with a faster sprinting drill was connected , increased accuracy including valid serves and hit depth drill . According to the lead author the study, Cheri Mah, a researcher at the Stanford Sleep Disorders Clinic and Research Laboratory at Stanford University in California, many of the athletes during the study realized for the first time participated in the importance sleep and how it affects their performance of the competitions. Dedicate Traditionally, athletes many hours of daily practice, healthy students and conditioning as in too working closely with nutritionists in hopes of optimizing their athletic performance, said Mah. Very little, if any, an athlete’s an athlete’s sleeping patterns and habits. While most athletes and coaching staff believes that sleep is an important factor in sports, many do not realize that optimal or peak performance can only occur if an athlete sleep and sleep habits are optimal. .

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