Each year the brains of hundreds of Finnish children.

The latest scientific findings offer substantial improvements in the health of the brain and lives of children. – is to be found in the development of the brain treatment, a major challenge to study and ways to monitor the well-being of the brain in the neonatal intensive care environment, says Sampsa Vanhatalo, Lecturer in Paediatric Clinical Neurophysiology. Now& D work in the basic neurobiology laboratory at the University of Helsinki conducted a whole new level of insight into the electrical activity of the brain has put in neonates are available. Now we know that many previously unexplained events seen in an EEG brain essential.

Back pain by physical trauma such as a sports injury can be caused by lifting heavy objects or from a car accident, said Zhang. For other conditions such as a herniated disc cause pain. But many people experience back pain for no apparent reason. If a patient to a doctor for lower back pain goes, Our goal is an MRI or X-ray undergo Sometimes these tests show anatomical reasons for the pain, such as a herniated disc but for some patients, tests don ‘t show no physical evidence as to why they experience lower back pain, he says.

Back pain is the leading cause of disability in Americans younger than 45 years old and is used by 50 to 80 % of adults experienced at some time in their lives.parent is active on nutrition information on that and and they their children their children balanced nutrition, said Dr. Josephine Wills, Director General of EUFIC The problem is that they often did not have browse the very basic information about how many calories a child was to eat everyday and as risks over – feeding their children. Understanding Using child obesity at an all time high in Great Britain, how lot of to feed is as important as understanding what to feed. Clear understanding of nutrition plays an important role in health. .

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