Currently there are no specific antiviral agents against HCV.

Infected Besides to the relatively poor treatment response in patients with genotype 1 HCV, the most common strain in the U.S., Western Europe and Japan, the considerable side effects often the use of interferon the use of interferon to discontinuation of therapy in approximately 20 % lead from patient.. Currently there are no specific antiviral agents against HCV, which is commercially available and is not directed to a vaccine to prevent HCV infection. Several interferon products are available worldwide, but there are significant limitations to the use of these products as monotherapy or in combination with ribavirin given in the treatment of chronic HCV infection.

– No dose – limiting toxicities were seen and although safety data remain blinded was was consistent with that expected from pegylated interferon. – Groups in every combined, , the mean reduction from baseline in plasma HCV RNA of 2.7 log10 on day 7 and 3.5 log10 on day 14 This led to a reduction of 1.1 log10 and 1.7 log10 at day 7 day 14 with pegylated interferon alone compared. Consistent with known effects of pegylated interferon response HCV genotype varies:.

– For genotype 1, mean reduction from baseline was 1.3 log10 on day 7 and 2.2 log10 on day 14 in the combination therapy groups compared to 0.9 log10 on day 7 and 1.3 log10 at day 14 for pegylated interferon alone..The been some controversy via to activity the addition of of synthetic fluoride to public water supply and beyond , but not enough. The seriousness of the problem being longer as what most of the realize. Water fluoridation shoulder to shoulder with GMOs and corrupt, duress inoculation among the major crimes against humanity.

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