Cancer the Leading Cause of Death for U Still.

Census Bureau. In a fresh report, the American Malignancy Society predicts that 126 nearly, 000 fresh cancers will become diagnosed among Hispanics this season and around 38,000 will die from the condition. Although overall cancer rates are 20 % lower among Hispanics compared with whites and cancer death rates are thirty % lower, cancer is the biggest killer among Hispanics still, said cancer society epidemiologist Kim Miller, among the authors of the report. ‘The good thing is that the prices for the four most common cancers – – prostate, breast, colon and lung – – are low in Hispanics than in whites,’ she said.One in five parents mistakenly believes that air-filled drinking water wings can protect the youngster from drowning. It is estimated that 85 % of boat-related drownings could be prevented if all travellers were wearing correctly fitting life vests. Education Almost three-quarters of drowning victims studied didn’t learn how to swim. Seventy-three % of victims ages five to nine and thirty % of victims ages 10 to 14 had been nonswimmers. Although nearly all parents agree that all children must have swimming instruction by age eight, 37 % of parents report that their child has never taken lessons.