But nobody seemed to know why.

History of mercury findings In 1977, scientists published findings linking mercury to adverse neurological results [ Experts from the University of Arkansas identified that ‘mercury was found to penetrate and harm the blood-brain barrier very rapidly, leading to a dysfunction of the blood-brain barrier system.’ The scientists had carried out a meta-analysis of ‘significant literature concerning the neurotoxic ramifications of mercury, biochemical, physiological, and morphological.’ Further, the 1977 research determined: In experimental models, it was discovered that the sensory neurons in the spinal ganglia and granule cells in the cerebellum were most vulnerable to mercury poisoning.As parents, we have to know the chances. Will there be a one in a million possibility my child will experience a severe existence threatening or existence altering reaction? One in a thousand? One in a hundred? One in 50? One in ten? We’re able to and we should be able to make a really informed decision. We could and really should know the number of adverse reactions – the dangers and the chances of actual vaccine injury.