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The majority of UNICEF financial needs is child protection programs in the amount of $ 12 million educational projects educational projects totaling $ followed cover.With nowhere to hide from the violence, the children were severely psychologically affected by the conflict. The distress that caused children and experienced the acute disturbance of the support systems of the conflict makes the protection of children a priority in Gaza. The protection programs include mine risk education and awareness, psychosocial support, and creates safe spaces learning and leisure opportunities, in order to establish a sense of normalcy for children in Gaza.While it is known that said soluble factor IL-10 role in the prevention role in preventing intestinal inflammation of mice that is not the function of IL-10 in the human intestine well meant. Through the study explant cultures of the human intestinal mucosa , Anne Jarry and colleagues, south INSERM U539, France, are now shown that IL-10 life a damaging inflammatory response bacterial naturally in the human induced preventing the colon.

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