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Any right-minded person can see is that this is completely inappropriate and would destroy the viability of family dental practice. As the dentist can plan for the future, security security? A success for the Department of Health would be bad for doctors, bad for patients and disastrous for the health of the nation. We will continue to fight on behalf of Dr. Crouch and occupation against this ridiculous clause.

Locks Horns With Department Of Health About Unfair Our clause dentists ‘ orders, UK – is the British Dental Association, a Department of Health legal process in in success in dentists challenge ‘contract of the Primary Care Trusts to less than one day in advance and without substantial cause.. The move is the latest chapter in a long legal battle with West Midlands orthodontist Dr Eddie Crouch and South Birmingham Primary Care Trust, the one recorded without cause termination clause in Dr Crouch the contract in April 2006.

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