APCER will maintain Booth 27.

APCER will maintain Booth #27. The team at APCER has experience and the operations truly global. APCER currently does case reporting with respect to its clients in 68 countries and includes a team on the ground in North America, Europe and Asia that works closely with its customers to provide round the clock service.The reason for HGPS, a mutated protein called progerin, was recognized in 2003. However, the mechanism where progerin causes the widespread clinical effects of HGPS provides been unclear. To forge this link between molecular biology and medical final result, Tom Misteli, Ph.D., head of the Cell Biology of Genomes Group at NCI’s Center for Tumor Research , and CCR staff scientist Paola Scaffidi, Ph.D., examined the effects of progerin on gene expression in a laboratory model of HGPS. They discovered that progerin activates genes mixed up in Notch signaling pathway, a significant regulator of stem cell differentiation – – the procedure by which stem cells give rise to the mature cells that make up different tissues.