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– During 2004-2006 visited 30,000 women in this age group, an emergency room because of a fatal sexual assault injury. – About a third of young people no instruction on methods of birth control, before the age of 18. ‘This report identifies a number of concerns relating to sexual and reproductive health of our nation ‘s young people, it is disheartening that after years of improvement with respect to teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, we now see signs that progress? stalling and many of these trends are in the wrong direction, ‘said Janet Collins, director of the CDC? s National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion.. – An estimated 16,000 pregnancies were reported among women in this age group in 2004th – 17th Round in people in this age group has been reported to have a sexually transmitted infection in 2006.

Teens and young adults, and in some cases, a deterioration, of a new report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. CDC analyzed data from 2002-2007 from the National Vital Statistics System and numerous CDC reports and surveys including the Youth Risk Behavior Survey of high school students, the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey , the National Survey of Family Growth, the HIV / AIDS Reporting System, and the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System.

Editor’s Note: This study was conducted by a grant from the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute see refer to the article for additional information, including other authors, author contributions and affiliations, financial disclosures, funding and support..Auto – immune diseases mainly caused when men take chemicals from food, drinking, another profession. With chemicals, artificial sweeteners and pollution charged. ,, like the popular cisplatin crowded horrible terrible toxin and physicians and researchers knowledge it, however because the FDA has prohibit physicians in suggest to or prescribed vitamins, nutritional supplements, herbs and Perfect – food, chemical therapy is still have ‘recommended to ‘.. A raised level of toxicity is actually the last thing that everyone needs in fighting infection, disease or lung infection.

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