AHF launches community tribute to Hollywood legend with billboards around Los Angeles This week.

The much-loved actress and AIDS activist passed on on March 23rd of problems from congestive heart failure at the age of 79. The billboards feature a dazzling picture of the late actress with a red Helps ribbon pinned to her gown. It says basically: Our champion, Elizabeth Taylor. She was one champion for Helps activism. She did it before it was fashionable, stated Michael Weinstein, President of Helps Healthcare Base. She spoke truth to power on a number of issues, including chiding President Reagan for not really saying the word AIDS rather than funding focus on AIDS. Her business had no overhead, and it helped fund AHF and various other organizations in LA. For her to state something and present her compassion transformed the overall game. The ads are also reminder that, though Ms. Taylor bravely stood up for folks living with HIV/AIDS at an important moment in history, the AIDS epidemic isn’t over and there remains very much work to be achieved still.Workout with a Training Partner Another first-rate muscle mass building tip is to find someone you can train with, someone who is committed as if you and anyone who has similar body building goals. Having a partner to together work, by and large, compels and drives you to be in a competitive mode if you dont always have the greatest motivation even. An exercise partner imposes accountability and competition that makes up a fun and productive environment as you workout.