Agilent expands life sciences business with two strategic acquisitions Agilent Systems Inc.

Halo Genomics Simplifies Resequencing Halo Genomics’ technology addresses sequence-selective sample preparation in next-era sequencing. The company’s proprietary HaloPlex technology combines the rate and specificity of polymerase chain reaction-centered systems with the scalability and capture-size versatility of solution-based hybridization platforms, thus eliminating the need for library preparation. This fast and simplified target enrichment solution for next-generation sequencing really helps to remove bottlenecks connected with targeted resequencing without the use of expensive, devoted instrumentation or laborious protocols. Halo Genomics’ current HaloPlex technology emerges as a customizable item, using a Web-based design tool called Web Design Wizard.No one who is not listed as an author contributed to the manuscript. Immunohistochemical Analysis Formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue sections were stained with mouse monoclonal antibody against ERCC1 , as previously defined .6 All 8F1 batches which were used are shown in Desk S2 in the Supplementary Appendix. Microscopical evaluation of staining for ERCC1 was performed individually for the validation set and the IALT Biology established, and both units were evaluated by an experienced pathologist in a blinded style.