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The initial case was near the West Java town of Sukabumi, 100 km south of Jakarta, but this newest case indicates that the virus offers jumped from the main island Java to Sumatra westward. Yet another round of immunisation was carried out earlier this week, targeting 6.4 million Indonesian children beneath the age of five in West Java, Jakarta and Banten provinces. The WHO says that Lampung and Central Java will become included in the next phase of the large-scale immunisation campaigns that may start in August. According to the US health agency, Angola may be the 17th, previously polio-free nation to become reinfected since 2003, when the virus began circulating in Africa broadly.MS can be mild, moderate or serious and debilitating, based on the society. Experts understand that about 20 % to 30 % of females with MS have a relapse within the initial 3 or 4 months after having a baby, according to background information in the study. However, studies about whether breast-feeding reduces that risk have produced conflicting results, with some finding a benefit and others not, the current study authors noted. Hellwig and her group followed over 200 pregnant women in the period after pregnancy just. Data was gathered from 2008 to 2012. All of the ladies had the relapsing-remitting type of MS, in which the disease waxes and wanes. About 85 % of those diagnosed with MS are diagnosed as having this form of the disease initially, according to the NMSS. The researchers followed the ladies for a full year after giving birth.