Adding to its existing MassARRAY portfolio.

The MassARRAY system is research only use. The U.S.. Agena releases MassARRAY 24-Well System for mass spectrometry-based genetic testing Today released the MassARRAY 24-Well System for mass spectrometry-based genetic analysis Agena Bioscience, adding to its existing MassARRAY portfolio. The new 24-well format is tailored to smaller sized scientific testing laboratories requiring modest sample throughput, reduced initial equipment costs, and reduced time to result. Agena began developing the brand new instrument based on the clinical community's feedback shortly after acquiring the MassARRAY platform from Sequenom in 2014. To Peter Dansky, Agena's CEO, it is an early move around in the company's travel to create precision medicine schedule and affordable for smaller ultimately, regional assessment laboratories that might not have access to extensive IT resources and infrastructure to support complex data analysis.Statistical Analysis Event-free survival was the principal end point. Randomized assignments to study groups were balanced with the use of a biased-coin minimization method, with the bias reliant on the average imbalance between your true numbers of patients already designated to each group overall, within the participating hospital and within the diagnostic subgroup of the brand new individual. The expected complete-remission rate in the conventional-treatment group was 45 percent and the expected 1-year price of event-free survival for the reason that group was 22 percent.