According to fresh research released in Nano Letters.

‘We use simple yet very efficient chemical treatments to improve metals commonly used in the operating area. This innovative strategy may ultimately hold the important to developing intelligent materials that are not only very easily accepted by the body but that can actively respond to the encompassing biological environment.’.. Advances in nanotechnology point to next generation of prostheses The futuristic technology of the Six Million Dollar Man – specifically a component metal and part flesh human being – will not be exclusive to Hollywood anymore. According to fresh research released in Nano Letters, the scientists capitalized on recent improvements in nanotechnology to improve how metals can influence cell growth and advancement in your body.Additionally it is widespread in the United States, Germany, Hungary and holland and exists on almost every other continent as well. Between 10 and 20 percent of British victims are believed to possess contracted the disease abroad. Many believe that it should be made a notifiable disease in Wales and England, as it is usually in Scotland. British military employees and their families curently have to notify their medical provider if they get it. The ongoing health Secretary, Patricia Hewitt, is certainly under pressure to raise general public awareness of the disease also to make sure that GPs and medical students are taught about it.