According to a group of researchers in New York.

Dr. Gisela I. Banauch and co-workers at Montefiore INFIRMARY in New York were able to compare the lung checks of 12,079 rescue workers in the full year after the disaster to lung function tests carried out before the attacks. Banauch and her team had access to respiratory function outcomes of New York City Fire Department workers from 1997 onwards because routine lung assessments were carried out every 18 months as part of routine medical screening. Their investigation demonstrated that those present when the North and South Towers collapsed or arrived later on that morning, suffered the most damage and some had breathing problems still. The experts say there was a substantial decrease in forced expiratory volume, the amount which can be breathed out in one second, in the year after September 11 2001.THE BUSINESS views ongoing purchase in R&D as an integral to its long-term development objectives. Q: Is it possible to provide some help with new product approvals? A: It is becoming increasingly tough to predict timing of fresh approvals given the implementation of GDUFA and the developing backlog of filings at the FDA. The next table shows the quantity and total IMS marketplace size of our ANDA filings predicated on the age of the filing : * The IMS market size, shown in millions, december 31 is based on the IMS data for the trailing 12 weeks ended, 2013, and excludes any trade and customary allowances and discounts.