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The result is normally analogous to a personalised cancer vaccine, acting continuously to prevent both metastasis and recurrence. Mike Westby, CEO of Agalimmune, commented: ‘The advancement of immunomodulatory therapies can be an exciting and quickly emerging field, that will lead to improved anti-cancer treatments for patients hopefully. We welcome Loxbridge Analysis and Animatrix Capital as traders.’ ‘Immunotherapy holds great promise as a potential tumor treatment because it enables the body's own immune system to recognize and eradicate malignancy cells,’ said Giles Whalen, MD, professor of surgical oncology in UMass Medical College and principal investigator on early clinical trials to build up the Alphaject technology. ‘One of the great benefits of this approach is that the immune system can look for and attack also the tiniest traces of tumour any place in the body.Investing in more high-quality treatment could conserve near $2 billion within two years by considerably reducing those indirect costs, the 500-page study concludes. Sadly, we discovered there are various barriers stopping them from obtaining the high-quality treatment they need. The RAND study is the first to comprehensively assess the current desires of returned service users from all branches of the armed service. Researchers concluded that a significant national effort is needed to expand and improve the capacity of the mental health system to supply effective care to support members and veterans.