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The study was sponsored by Novartis Pharma, was created by the sponsor in collaboration with an academic executive committee, and was monitored by an independent data and protection monitoring committee .11 Data were collected, managed, and analyzed by the sponsor, with oversight by the executive committee, and analyses were replicated by an unbiased academic statistician from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medication. The manuscript was prepared by the composing group , whose users had unrestricted usage of the data, and was revised by all the authors subsequently.Is there risks with tonsillectomies Tonsillectomy can be a procedure done under a general anesthesia, and there are dangers associated with any surgical process. The biggest risk with tonsillectomies is dehydration following surgery. The condition pelvic inflammation identifies the inflammation occurs in the reproductive program of women. The connective cells around the uterus and the pelvic peritoneum will become attacked by inflammation. And the repeated appearance often drives the individuals desperate, upset and gloomy and it is the largest trigger of female infertility also, which means a disaster for women. One of the conventional therapies at present is surgery. But the surgery can cause permanent damage to women’s reproductive system, especially for those seriously infected but very youthful and haven’t get married, because the doctor might advise them cutting off fallopian tube.