5 Tasty Mind Foods to improve Your Brain Performance 1.

Participants in both Mediterranean-diet groups significantly increased weekly servings of seafood and legumes in comparison to those in the control group . In addition, participants designated to a Mediterranean diet with extra-virgin essential olive oil and those assigned to a Mediterranean diet with nuts considerably increased their consumption of extra-virgin olive oil and nuts . The primary nutrient changes in the Mediterranean-diet groups reflected the fat content and composition of the supplemental foods .Professor Richard Lilford and Dr Yen-Fu Chen of the University's Warwick Medical School, raised the issue following a study that claims hospital weekend loss of life risk is common in a number of developed countries – not only England Professor Lilford, said: Understanding that is an extremely important task because it is large, at about 10 percent in relative risk terms and 0.4 percent in %age point conditions. This quantities to about 160 additional deaths in a medical center with 40,000 discharges per year.