5 billion in the next quarter.

Bloomberg: Patient Cures Spur Demand For $1,000 Hepatitis C Pill The powerful new hepatitis C medication that sent Gilead Sciences Inc. 's sales soaring last quarter is doing the same for the expectations of millions of patients. Sandra Ted and Cabrera Tabor both suffered devastating damage from hepatitis C. After just several weeks of taking Gilead's Sovaldi, they feel much better and tests suggest the lethal virus is disappearing from their bloodstream .More individuals in the placebo group than in the niacin group were acquiring ezetimibe . The proportions of sufferers receiving cardiac preventive therapies and 274 in the placebo group . Among components of the primary end point, there is an unforeseen imbalance with respect to the price of ischemic stroke as the initial event between patients designated to niacin and the ones assigned to placebo . A complete of 8 patients, most of whom had been in the niacin group, had an ischemic stroke sometime between 2 weeks and 4 years after discontinuation of the analysis drug. When all the individuals with ischemic strokes had been considered, instead of those in whom the stroke was the first study event just, a non-significant trend persisted among patients assigned to niacin as compared with those designated to placebo .