2 In young humans.

Loring, M.D., Samuel Patz, Ph.D., Akira Tsuda, Ph.D., Dmitriy A. Yablonskiy, Ph.D., and Steven J. Mentzer, M.D.: Brief Report: Evidence for Adult Lung Growth in Humans Compensatory lung growth after pneumonectomy has been recognized in many mammalian species.2 In young humans, lung growth provides been documented through clinical pulmonary-function and observations studies.3-5 In adult humans, pulmonary-function studies have consistently shown that vital capacity after pneumonectomy is reduced to about 50 percent the predicted value for just two lungs.6 Although there are no morphometric studies of individual lungs after pneumonectomy, these total results have been interpreted as supporting the lack of true growth in adult humans.Twice in 2011, 90-year outdated evangelical minister Harold Camping predicted the ultimate end of the globe based on his own mathematical calculations, first on, may 21 then on October 21. Nearly thirty years ago, Pat Robertson informed his millions of television viewers that the next Coming would take place 1982. Doomsday predictions are not a recently available phenomenon. In 1843, a preacher from upstate NY, William Miller, persuaded over 50,000 followers that Christ would return, bringing the end of the globe in 1843.