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‘e hour. -s found more increase To Violence: Norwegian StudyA new study published in the international journal Addiction published showing that even small changes in pub and bar closing hours seem to affect the number of violent incidents. The results suggest that a one-hour guided bar extension last hours in an increase of an average of 20 violent cases at night on weekends per 100,000 people per year. This represents an increase in violence by about 16 %.

Study co-author Professor Thor Norstr m said: ‘These findings hold important implications for the communities around the world who are struggling be to deal with the massive burden of alcohol-related harm, if you reduce alcohol-related harm, restricted trading hours of licensed places seems to be an effective measure.. The results suggest that the action occurs in both directions. In other words, reducing trading hours by one hour leads to a decrease of the severity of the same magnitude as the increase in violence seen when closing hours will be increased by one hour.

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